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"Bayerische Kartoffelsuppe"
Cream of potatoe soup
4,50 €
Beef broth with liverdumpling
4,10 €
"Graved Lachs"
marinated salmon with mustard-dill-sauce and baguette
10,40 €
Geräuchertes Foprellenfilet
Smoked trout with cranberry-horseraddish

Grilled Regensburger sausages with homemade "Sauerkraut"
6 pieces
8 pieces
7,80 €
9,80 €
"Resche, gegrillte Spanferkelhaxe"
Crunchy knuckle of suckling pig with potatoe dumpling and cabbage salad
11,90 €
Grilled knuckle of suckling pig in a peppercrust with potatoesalad
11,40 €
Roast of pork with dark beer sauce, potatoe dumpling and "Sauerkraut"
10,90 €
"Hacker Pschorr Gröst´l
cutted meat of pork knuckle and roast, panfried with onions, bacon and potatoes
9,80 €
Breast of chicken with whole grain spaghetti,
Herb-walnut pesto and salad
13,50 €
Roast of pork with acreamy mushroomsauce, spätzle and side salad
11,90 €
"Wiener Schniztel"
"Viennese Schnitzel" (of pork) with homemade potatoesalad
11,90 €
"Unser Schwabenpfannd´l"
Grilled filet of port with "Spätzle" and mushroomsauce
15,40 €
Grilled sirloinsteak with deepfried onions, served with homefried potatoes or spätzle
17,90 €

Filets vom Bachsaibling
Grilled filet of char with butter and boiled potatoes
15,90 €
Dorade "Müllerin"
Gilthead seabream, grilled with anchovy, olives, potatoes and salad
15,90 €

"Fitness Salat"
Mixed lettuche salad with fresh fruits and grilled breast of chicken
10,90 €
"Gaucho Salat"
Mixed lettuche salad with grilled sirloin steak
12,90 €
"Fischer Salat"
Mixed lettuche salad withsauted filet of pike perche
12,80 €

Bavarian Cheese with onions, served with bread and butter

Warm Apple Strudel with vanillasauce and wipped cream
5,20 €
Cut up and sugared püancake with raisins, almonds, served with apple sauce
6,80 €